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Locke & Hobbes a.s. as a solely Czech consultancy company bears in its name the names of two exceptional thinkers of their age – John Locke a Thomas Hobbes. The intention of the founders was to follow the traditional values of the times that passed long ago, expressed by Thomas Hobbes in his treatise named "Theory of Fees and Benefit Principle in Taxation" already in the 17th century, defining tax as a counter-value for services provided by the state to citizens.

The todays relationship of citizens and the state, often not quite matured so far, pushes numerous entrepreneurs into doing two unbalanced extremes - into careless and risk forms of tax optimisation on the one hand and into unreasonable and rigid absence of searching for and using legal tax benefits on the other hand. Finding the golden mean of savings and risks is one of the priorities in performing the tax obligations of our clients.